Molly Hess is a New York based choreographer, dancer, and educator whose work employs non-linear storytelling to create immersive experiences for audiences. In 2017 Molly created “Lost Gnome solos” and showed work as part of the Tracks touring artist program in Boston and Pittsburg. In 2016, Arc Dance Research Laboratory selected her as the emerging artist in residence. Also in 2016, Molly toured the performance “Molly + Tessa Make a dance” around the East coast.” Molly’s work has been presented regularly in the Greater Boston Area and beyond.

Besides having a dedicated independent choreographic practice, Molly is a founding director of 3 Spice Dance, a member of Back Pocket Dancers, and PB&J Dance Company. She teaches dance with a  focus on creative process in Cambridge and Arlington, MA. Molly received her B.A. in dance from St. Olaf College in 2012. Molly also wears an administrative hat as part of Green Street Studios, and Bearnstow on Parker Pond.


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