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Youth Classes

Creative Movement:

Explore BrainDance patterns, move freely to music and learn dance skills in creative movement class! Creative movement is a playful and safe environment that encourages students to develop their own style while also expanding skills and exploring new ways of moving. Using multi-sensory props, a variety of music and improvisation we explore the fundamentals of dance. Taught from a concept-based approach, students build skills to live a confident and embodied life both in and out of the studio. 

Available for Level I (Pre-k/K) Level II (Grades 1-3) 

Creative Modern: 

Creative Modern allows students to develop strong technical skills and flex their creative muscles. Dance concepts are incorporated thoughtfully in skill practice, solo improvisation and creative collaboration giving students a deep understanding of how their bodies move. Class is a fun and safe environment that supports and challenges all types of learners.

Available for Students 3 grade+


Story Dance: 

Story Dance is an interdisciplinary class that engages students physically and imaginatively. A new picture book each week provides a launching point to explore different concepts of dance. Students experience the ideas in the story through solo improvisation, creative collaboration, and introduction to dance skills. Quick crafts and theatrical elements are often incorporated into lessons to deepen the character and concept play. 

Suggested age Range - K-2

Creative Ballet: 

Creative Ballet introduces students to the basics of Ballet and fosters an excitement for ballet history. Classes begin with a ballet based warm-up and stretch. In the second portion of the class, students are introduced to ballets by classic and contemporary ballet masters and explore these stories through the music, iconic moments, characters from these works through imaginative dances and ballet games.

Available for level I (Pre-k/ K) or level II (grades 1-3) 

Adult Classes

Contemporary/ Improvisation:

A continuously moving guided warm up (based in developmental movement patterns) prepares us to dive boldly into improvisational dance scores and sequences that we will approach with care, but explore without preciousness. We’ll play with memory, momentum, and bad magic tricks. There won’t be a lot of counting but there will be a lot of dancing. 

Can be adapted to cater to a variety of experience levels 

Crafting Participatory Performance:

Audiences inherently participate in a performance. How can we, as creators, consider, challenge, and shape their role to create more engaging and meaningful performance experiences for our audiences? 


“Crafting Participatory Performance” is an active exploration into that question. After starting with a continuously moving warm up to get our creativity flowing, we will try out preexisting scores as well as generating new ones. We will experience scores from both the audience and performer roles and consider the joys and challenges of creating and presenting participatory work. 

Open to all levels

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